Panthers Homecoming!!

Just as this football season was starting and we were trying to explain to our little Hurdle why he wasn’t old enough yet to play, we made a wonderful discovery:  Northeast Recreational Center!!!  We were so excited to find out that our little guy was qualified to play TACKLE football and his big sister could use all her bounce to cheer him on!  It was a season full of learning for both of the kids, as well as mom and dad (well, mom anyway!).  For instance, I learned that even though these kids were only 5 and 6 years old, they could and would play football by ALL the rules, even if it meant they would go back and forth on penalties by not keeping the ball still before hiking it, lol!  I’m sure there’s a techy term for that, but in the end I’m still just a photographer and a mother!  For sure, the whole season was a hoot!  I enjoyed watching Sparkle cheer with all her exhuberance and totally loved watching Hurdle get pummelled by other ruffians!  Finally our big homecoming came in all its blustery force.  Thankfully it didn’t rain, but it was quite cold!  I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite photos from that day, and highlights from the whole season…I’m already missing all the action and excitement!


I was so proud of our little Sparkle!  She made runner up for homecoming queen 5-6yr. old team!  I was afraid she would be terribly disappointed that she didn’t get to wear the sparkly crown, but she was content to be her sparkly self!


Of course you can’t cheer without some rough and tumble boys willing to put it all out there on the field, so here’s a few shots of Hurdle’s team!  I had so many awesome pictures, it was hard to narrow it down.  Here’s a few that really stuck out to me…


Boys will be boys…but, I happened to capture a few moments that expressed something a little deeper than that.  These next few really pulled me into their hearts…


This next and last picture is my absolute favorite from the whole season.  What really caught my eye was the way he was wearing his shirt…I hope you enjoy the story it tells as much as I do!


It was a great season, but I garauntee we will be back again next year!  I would recommend this football league to any mother with a son, and to any  little girl wanting to cheer!  They were all so friendly and professional the entire season; I was genuinely impressed.  Here is a link to their site; check it out and see if it’s a fit for your family!

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