Stepping Back in Time

What a joy it was to do this photo shoot!  Our dear babysitter is now a senior (much to our dismay) so she asked me to do her sr. pictures on what turned out to be one of the last beautiful days of fall.  We started out by having some fun at the big barn, then moved the party to town.  We roamed around together with her mother and just had a blast!  She was such a good sport when we uprooted the homeless off the bench so she could lay down for one of these cute shots.  Poor thing had them staring just a couple feet away from her!  It was a little discombobulating at the time, but it’s a great laugh now!





I can’t even begin to describe my delight when she later emerged from the courthouse with her beautiful dress on!  I knew we were going to be stepping back in time, but didn’t realize it was going to be done with such grace!!  While we walked, her mother explained how “simple” it was to make, lol!  Thank you, Hannah, for your beauty, inside and out; I had a wonderful time with you and your mother!





You have been such a dear to us and our children.  While we hate to lose you as our babysitter, we pray all of God’s blessings and guidance as you cross into adulthood!

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