And the winners are!!!!!!

First I want to say thank you one more time to all you who participated!  You will never know the agony of choosing only 10 finalists!  Remember that if your child is not a finalist this time, I will still be using these photos for future model needs for the rest of this year and part of the next.

Okay, on to the BIG news!!!!

There are 6 female finalists and 4 male finalists, so we will beign with ladies first!

Kennedy Hembree

Makenna Baker

Haley Cabrera

Shalayna King

Madison Smith

Savannah Hicks

Now for the boys!!!

Dalen Hoop

Trevor Carpenter

Alex King

Josiah Henderson

Congratulations to all of you finalists!  I will be setting up our photo sessions beginning this week and into the following week (weather permitting).  It was truly a joy to work with all of you!  I hope you will all participate in the voting that will be taking place on my site to discover which of these finalists will be declared the winner and the runner-up!  More to come soon!!!

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Nikki and Haley Cabrera - May 12, 2009 - 8:41 am

Haley and I would like to congratulate all of the finalists and thank the judges!!

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