Ready, Set, VOTE!!!!

I have to begin by saying congratulations to ALL 10 of the finalists!  No matter the outcome of the voting, in my book you were all winners and my time with each of you was very rewarding!  All of you had something different to offer and I will treasure our adventures together for a long time to come!

As a little something extra, I thought it would be fun to post one photo of each of the finalists here on my blog, but if you haven’t voted yet, you will need to enter through the model search button to cast your vote.  I am relieved that this stage of the search is out of my hands and into all of yours; just remember that voting ends at midnight this Saturday, May 30th!  Good luck to all of you!

Kennedy Hembree


Trevor Carpenter


Shalayna King

IMG_2860 b

Josiah Henderson


Makenna Baker

IMG_3344 b

Madison Smith

IMG_2955 b

Savannah Hicks


Alex King


Haley Cabrera


Dalen Hood


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