A Trip to the Shore…

Having lived in Pensacola, FL for about 9 years, beaches have not been our pick for vacationing (and our children are too young to care where we go as long as the trip can be made in about 2 movies or less, lol).  After MUCH prompting and promoting on our good friend’s part, we decided to take a quick 4 day trip to Hilton Head.  It was one of the best decisions we’ve made all year!  As soon as we got settled into our place, we set out for the beach…it was so exhilarating to hear the squeals of the children as they danced in and out of the water in the sunset.  I felt so very small in the most wonderful of ways next to that vast span of ocean and realized it had been way too long since our last visit to the beach!  I did learn ONE very important lesson on this trip too…photos are a MUST as soon as we arrive the very first night for you see, ALL of us are in good spirits and there are as yet, NO BURNED cheeks!  I took alot of these photos from the back of the kids because attitudes were low (due to our imminent departure later in the afternoon) and cheeks were red!

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Ian bw

IMG_3915 bw soft

I hope to post a few more fun pics a bit later…but forward and onward for now!

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Jan Egelston - July 6, 2009 - 12:41 am

These are beautiful photos of the children Laura. In spite of the attitudes you mentioned you did quite well. You will have wonderful memories with all these great pictures.

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