…and the award goes to…..!!!!!!

All 10 of the finalists pulled in a great number of votes over the past week and I congratulate, once again, ALL of you because in my opinion you were all winners!

For about half of the week all the votes were within 100 of each other, then the top two started to separate themselves from the pack and away they flew, lol!  I had a great time watching all the votes come in and all of you did so well staying within the rules and I thank you for that!  BUT, without further ado, allow me to introduce your winner and runner-up!!!!

*cue drum roll* Runner-up goes to…….Makenna Baker!!!!! 


…and the GRAND PRIZE goes to……..Kennedy Hembree!!!!

IMG_2690 b

Congratulations to both of you!

Thank you to ALL of you who voted and made this contest a wonderful success; without you, there would be no winner!  I hope you will spread the word to other parents that we will be doing this again next year either in late April or early May.   I already have my theme for next year and I’m excited about all the ideas I have twirling around in my head, lol!

I want to throw out another thank you to The Baby Place for hosting the model search sessions.  If you haven’t been in the store lately, I encourage you to do so; you WILL find that special something that you’ve been looking for…and more!  Also, a big thank you to the two families who opened their doors to our 10 finalists for their unique photo sessions.  And finally to our sponsors:  The Baby Place; Arcade Laser Tag; Creative Custom Works; Scents by Michelle and Frakes Photography with prizes valuing $460.00 to the Grand Prize and $320.00 to the runner-up!

I’ve enjoyed our time together and hope you will check back for more exciting promotions and fun times!  I have a very special event coming up for Christmas that all of you parents will want your kids to be a part of, but that news will have to wait just a bit longer!

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