Cousins and kids

Despite the nature of my trip to Missouri last week, there were several highlights along the way, one being the opportunity to see my cousin Hannah and her wonderful family!  Her and her husband are missionaries to the Dominican Republic and their visits to the States are rare, never mind the fact that I live nowhere near enough to see them when they do come State side!  Oh, the joy that I was FINALLY able to put my arms around Hannah and see her beautiful babies (all FOUR of them) …and yes, it was equally as rewarding to see her husband Luke as well, lol!

I was elated when she asked me to update their family photos…I’ve been itching to get my lens on the two oldest babies for years!  So, as promised, Hannah, here are your few teasers, with many, many more wonderful photos that I can’t wait to share with you!  I pray your health continues to improve throughout the remainder of your stay, and thank you for your wonderful help throughout the session!  You have a VERY wonderful family and I enjoyed every minute with ALL of you!!!

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