Family Time

A new baby is always a good excuse to call a photographer and I must admit that they are one of my favorite calls to get! Little baby “L” was exactly 8 weeks old when I made it out for her family’s session; I was thinking she’d be too big to sleep for any of the pictures, but I was quite wrong! In fact, it was one of those sessions that gives you extreme satisfaction even before you ever download the photos and take a peek! Here’s the rundown for what I think makes up a perfect session: Great natural light, a beautiful (and happy) family, a sleepy baby, and did I mention GREAT NATURAL light???!!! Put all those things together, and there you have what we got at this family session! I get warm and fuzzy just looking at these knowing what a great time I had with this family…

Thanks ,Bowles family, for a great time Saturday and for letting me completely take over your house!!


IMG_6270 closer crop


IMG_6305 bw




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