Rainy days and freedom

Oh, the rainy days of summer when a mommy sends all the rules out the window and the kids right after! I happened to be out looking for a wet and dripping spider web to photograph when I heard a raucous of squealing and giggling children. My first reaction was to holler all those crazy kids inside, until I realized I was dripping wet and perfectly fine (I’d love to say I was melting which I’m sure I would have had I stayed out just one minute more). I figured THIS was the day the kids were going to have a blast in the rain and I was going to capture it!

IMG_7002 blur bw

rainy storyboard


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mykidscanblog - January 12, 2010 - 6:48 am

looks like they had a lot of fun! http://www.mykidscan.co.uk/games-for-kids

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