Piper is ONE!

Can you believe that my very first infant model to photograph EVER is already one year old?!  Where on earth does the time go and why must babies grow so terribly fast!  Well, it’s one of those facts of life we must all learn to accept, and in the meantime I get to capture the milestones which is always MOST rewarding!

Piper’s parents were so kind to bring their sweet little one to a not so clean and fresh location.  Fortunately for us, even though Piper was not fond of the location, she was very fond of daddy’s singing, enabling us to get some awesome photos!  Happy birthday, Piper!!!

IMG_9232 desaturated

IMG_9256 desat tight view

IMG_9303 desat

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Cindy Gillespie - October 21, 2009 - 10:00 pm

You did a wonderful job, Laura, of capturing the sweet personality of our precious Piper!

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