Chris and Kami…love finds a home

Words cannot even begin to describe the unleashed, abandoned, creative and blissful day that I had with Chris and Kami on Saturday!

Although I don’t typically advertise myself as a wedding photographer, there will be those choice few circumstances that I just cannot say no to, simply because it just feels right! THIS is one of those rare circumstances. Kami called me a few weeks back and we hit it off right away (never mind the fact that her sister and I are like kindred spirits!) I knew right away that THIS would be the PERFECT wedding to photograph. HOWEVER, I’m getting ahead of myself…first there are the engagement photos…take a look at what we got this past weekend.  I hope you get even just a taste of the fun we had together last Saturday!

You were both such a delight to photograph!  I am already looking forward to your wedding in May and praying it is the MOST beautiful day EVER!  You both deserve it!

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