Smile! This is your SENIOR YEAR!

It’s that magical time of life for certain teens that ALL kids eventually start dreaming about.  Just saying these two words sends chills down their backs and brings a bounce to their step…and don’t forget that unmistakable twinkle of the eye!!  Say the words yourself and undoubtedly a flood of warm fuzzy memories will come pouring out of those long unattended files of your mind:  SENIOR YEAR!  Remember???!!!  Mmmmmm….I do!  And I get to experience these feelings over and over again at each senior shoot that I do!  Karen was NO exception to the rule.  I so enjoyed being a part of her day, sharing in her hopes for the future and the dreams she has dreamed.  I don’t think her smile faded one time the whole afternoon, and may have even broadened a bit as the day progressed…

Karen, I can hardly believe the mature young lady you’ve grown to be since we first moved here just a few short years ago.  I’m eager to see what God has in store for you at college and beyond.  You are beautiful inside and out and I enjoyed every moment spent with you!

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