Baby on the GO!

Life certainly is a frenzied blur!  I was having such a day, the day AFTER my scheduled flight home from Vegas.  I was still sitting in the airport awaiting my flight home to my family, prepared to endure the last few hours of crowded solitude, when around the corner of the chair next to me peered the most adorable, bright and cheerful toddler.  Her effect was immediate!  I must have broken into the biggest grin because I was straightway rewarded with an equally happy yet sidecast smile.  We played back and forth a bit with peekaboo glances while I finished my coffee and strudel enjoying each others distant company.  I could hear her parent’s cautions as she strayed farther than their comfort and watched with pleasant surprise as she scampered right back to their side.  Finally, I could stand it no longer.  I HAD to take her picture!  I waited until everyone seemed settled then turned around and introduced myself….sure to compliment them on their beautiful daughter and my need to record that sweet sweet face.   As it turned out, we found ourselves fast friends and reluctant to end our conversation as my flight called for boarding, but not before I snapped off a few pictures of their beautiful darling!

It was such a pleasure (and I mean that in the most sincere way) to meet this family and have the opportunity to talk with them at length.  I wish America were filled with families such as this one!  To the parents of this beautiful baby, thank you again for the opportunity to photograph your daughter.  Families such as yours make America the Beautiful…inside and out!

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