Wonser Family

Now THIS is an unforgettable family!  I had the honor of photographing them about a year and half ago and I still love looking at their session.  This time, we needed a field to romp around in, and wouldn’t you know, there was a perfect one just down the street from where they lived!  The only problem was the hour at which the lighting was juuuuuuust perfect!  I must have THE best clients in the world because if a photographer called me and suggested that I get myself, my husband, and my children up, dressed, beautiful AND happy, and AT the location at 8 a.m., I’d fiddle with the idea of finding myself a different photographer!!!  I was braced for an awkward silence on the other end of the line when I suggested such a preposterous hour, but only a cheerful…”No problem” came through…I still wonder if that’s because I was talking to Mr. Dad rather than Mrs. Mom, lol!

I will always be humbled by such super sweet clients that are willing to go to all kinds of torture to get their images…

I can’t wait to share more!!!

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