It takes TWO!

Somehow, all the teenie weenie little bundled up, cuddled up babies of this world grow into even bigger bundles of cuddles, ultimately arriving at their first birthday.  It’s a milestone that us parents look on with bittersweet smiles…that is, when we have a quiet moment to reflect on the past year, just before that now mobile little bundle wakes up with all the loving demands that come with hungry bellies and dirty faces!  SHEW!  No wonder mommies are so tired at the end of that first year!!  Well, take ALL that times TWO!   It’s a wild ride that only the strongest of heart are blessed to experience!!!  Enter Bethani and Andy…the strongest of heart!  And it is no exaggeration of words to say that they have indeed been blessed with beautiful girls.  I need say no more…the pictures say the rest!

Here is the shot that almost was, lol!  I had to post it just for fun…balloons can be a blessing or a curse for a photographer.  It just depends which way the wind is blowing!!!

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