the family farm

There is no doubt that the location for this session was serene and peaceful but what made it special was the family that gave it life!  All the way from Murfreesboro (I actually looked that word up to be sure I was spelling it correctly) they came, so that they could officially have their first family portrait in 21 years.  To say the least, I was honored!

I found that my biggest most HUGEST challenge of all throughout the entire shoot was getting the names right, lol!  Although I did FINALLY get it all ironed out in my brain, it took the better part of the entire session.  Ask me now and I can tell you every single name without a hiccup, lol!!

Thanks Cayce and family for putting up with my crazy brain and for being such good sports.  You were all wonderful to work with and I look forward to sharing the rest of the gallery with you soon!

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