Perfectly agreeable in every way; there’s no other way to describe her unless you’re talking about her smiling eyes or her lighthearted laugh that says all is good in the world.

We had the unfortunate experience of not one rain out, but two…well, almost two…more like one and a half!!  AND, the second rain out was mixed with sleet and some MAJOR ominously menacing, BLACK clouds!  The kind that make you want to hide in your warm, dry house with all the curtains drawn, a blanket pulled up to your chin, all curled up on the couch with a big strappin husband cuddled up to you and a classic playing on the screen!  WOW!  That was a rabbit trail!!!  Needless to say, with her “all is good” attitude, she brushed off the need for a third attempt at finishing the session as if it were as normal as a glass of milk with oreo cookies!!  Have I ever mentioned how blessed I am with sweet clients?  Yup, didn’t think so…well, I am!

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