Girls Only

She wore flowers in her hair and heels on her shoes; she danced past the shops and whispered to the wind.  It was a completely carefree day!

I never lose that edge of excitement when a client brings along a parent, but when they also haul in an AUNT?!!  Whoa, Nellie!  I know right then and there that there’s going to be some extremely fun girl talk, loads of laughter, and did I mention extra helping hands?  To top it all off (if the start of something can actually “top” it off before it really gets going {and I’m here to say it CAN}) we met up at Avalon Salon and Spa for a hair and make-up do, to get that perfect look!  (Shout out to Aleighsa for an outstanding job)  Really, what girl can’t have a perfect day when she spent it playing dress up?!!  It was a perfect day-beginning to end!

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