Who me??? comPETITIVE??? …well, maybe a little!

Okay, so contests are FUN and I guess I take them a little mores seriously than I realized.  I mean, I AM 34 now…you would think some of that spirit would have matured into grace and, I don’t know…more adult like behavior??  So here’s the story…Sandy Puc , my ALL time favorite master photographer whom I MUST credit with my first true vision of what photography really SHOULD be, decided to have a little contest!  She’s doing a summer tour teaching other photographers how to get an edge on their skills, focusing (this time) on infants and toddlers up to age 4.  Well, you know us photographers…we’re all visual…VERY visual, so what better way to really get that lesson across than to do a live shoot on stage for all of us to see those tips in action!  Well, a live shoot means she needs a live body…baby dolls just don’t cut it…so that’s where we are now…Sandy’s big search for little living, breathing sweethearts to photograph at each city she is visiting went out to all photographers!  There’ are only a couple requirements…first, you must purchase your ticket…second, the child must be within a certain age limit…third, you must let Sandy photograph the child you entered in the contest, should s/he win!  (okay, if you twist my arm!)  Of course, there are plenty of perks she is offering in return (as if her photographs of your child weren’t enough)…  SO, I did it.  I entered the competition with a photo of Chloe from this past spring.  Starting off the whole process already 88 comments behind the competition was a bit daunting to say the least but I attacked with the same determination Chloe had while “walking the dog”!  Yup.  That’s when I realized I was WAY over the top competitive…STILL. at THIS age!  Every time I check the votes (yes, like every 3 min.) and every time I add a new post about getting more votes (yes, like every 5 min), my heart starts pounding harder and my breath quickens and my hands get all shaky!  You’d think it was a foot race, lol!  As huge a revelation as that was about myself, I have decided that it’s a good thing that I still have fight in me…and it needs to last till I’m at least done raising kids because Lord knows you need some sort of spirit to raise a basket full of crazy red-headed, freckle faced kids!  (love them all)

So that’s the story and that’s why I need your vote…cause if you don’t vote, I fully believe I could just fall out of a panic attack or something with all this adrenalin running through me all day!!!!  For all of you that HAVE voted, you’re seriously the best!  I couldn’t ask for better friends and it’s always amazing to see the outpouring of response for things like this…you are all truly selfless friends and I look forward to returning the favor someday to all of you!

In case you missed the past 100 posts on my page, just visit this link and leave a comment under Chloe’s photo.  That’s all it takes…unless, of course, you would like to encourage your friends to leave a comment too! http://contest.sandypuc.com/Contest/Atlanta/17552382_qJz6K4#1371952847_fCktDKB

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