It’s interesting to imagine the various items or events each of us may claim as a treasure in a day.  Or even how many days may pass before we realize an unclaimed treasure lay dormant on our path.  I treasure almost every kiss from my children, but there are times I absently accept those wet lips on my cheek while talking on the phone or editing a gallery…I regret those absent moments of mine that were meant to treasure.

More than slightly amazed, I watched this butterfly dance and float around his treasure for two entire days before I had a moment to capture him.  He went on to treasure his pink blooms for several more days too, completely undeterred by our intrigue or the stir we had imposed on his hushed, whispering world as we pointed and giggled and sneaked as near as allowed.  We are human and bound to fail to treasure all that God puts on our path to encourage us from one moment to the next, just never fail to remember the treasures are there, it is but for us to lift our chins and see it!  I wonder what treasure I will choose not to miss today…






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Jan Egelston - April 23, 2012 - 6:28 pm

Laura, this is the most beautiful thought provoking piece of work. The photography is so warm and beautiful, depicting the Lord’s amazing handiwork! In your spare time (a pun of course), you should make a book with these pictures and thoughts. It should be published and sold in a Christian Book Store. I would add appropriate scripture with each thought and picture. Such God given talent should not gather cobwebs nor lay dormant. Thank you for this blessing today! Love you honey.

Felicia Doss - April 23, 2012 - 11:58 pm

I SO agree with Mrs. Jan….this is REALLY great & should be shared with every one of us that love & appreciate photos of art & words with such description it leaves you pondering thoughts of your own. <3

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