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To say that I’m really excited about this season’s special Back to School sessions would be a gross understatement!!  I’ve been wanting to do something like this for quite some time, but had decided long ago that I would postpone any big personal projects until all my babies were big enough to be in school…which just so happens to be this year.  I’ve been through the shock of having a quiet house and cried all my tears and faced the reality that my little ones aren’t quite so little anymore and am now ready face the world again!!  So let me explain how this works…

Each session will be styled with various Back to School props that have been collected with this theme in mind, BUT, rest assured that while props remain the same, children do not, bringing with each of them their own flare and personality to the shoot!  To help keep cost down and to aid parents on the dreaded “what to wear” quest, the studio is providing clothing options for their clients (both boys and girls) for ages 4-12 years.  We understand that not all children grow at the same rate, so we will be prepared to discuss the sizes that are available at the studio and other options that are available.  Keep in mind that you are not required to use studio clothing, although we do recommend an outfit of a very simple, timeless feel to compliment the styled session properly.  We will be more than happy to discuss any ideas of your own that you may have for your own child(ren).

So here’s the next big question…what is this really going to cost??  Frakes Photography has decided to do something completely unprecedented and waive all sitting fees and provide an additional $30 discount with the purchase of any package which starts as low as $130.  After their session, each client will be given a complete price list to take home and look over.  While packages are encouraged due to the added savings for the client, a-la-cart is also provided.  There is absolutely no obligation to buy nor pressure to purchase at a specific level, however, most clients do spend anywhere from $500 and up.  Depending on the number of siblings, each session should be expected to last anywhere from one to two hours with breaks and snacks provided as needed.  (There will be no extra charge for 2(+) siblings, however the number of images shown in the gallery will remain the same.)  Warning:  your child will most likely have all the FUN!!  Approximately 2 weeks after the session, we will schedule a time to view your gallery of 20-30 of the best images taken.  Warning:  at this point, YOU will most likely have all the FUN!  😉   We do our best here at the studio to be sure to provide you with the best customer service possible every step of the way and to assure you of high quality images that will last for generations to come.  Every image is treated as a work of art and enhanced as such.  I work my very hardest to provide beautiful art for my clients’ homes.  My clients’ time and investment is valued, as is my time investment and the business I own.

If you have any questions I may not have answered, please feel free to call me at (423) 591-2100.  Remember, these sessions are only being scheduled through October 27th and there are only a certain number of sessions available so don’t delay!!  I’m excited about the opportunity to meet lots of new families and as always, create beautiful images for them…I just hope that it includes you!!

P.S.  For more sample images, be sure to view the previous blog here!


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