Back to school and growing too fast

I’m finding myself completely torn here.  After dedicating half the morning to writing up a great blog about all the blunders, mishaps and giggles that found their way into our lives on the day of this shoot, the entire post just completely disappeared.  GONE.  I can’t even find a speck of a trace of a single letter proving that I did any work on here at all…AND I had saved my draft twice.  UGH  SO, what to do.  I could go back and attempt to say it all again, but the second time around is never as good as the first because the heart has gone from it.  I’m also a firm believer that everything happens for a reason…which pushes me out to a shaky limb of saying absolutely nothing about it at all (I have this driving urge as a mother to describe everything I do which drives my kids absolutely insane) and letting the pictures just speak for themselves.  So, here we go.  Suffice it to say that it was a day to mark the beginning of a new year of memories and new year of milestones…but here I am explaining things again, lol!  Let’s just get to the pictures!!




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