Where did the summer go?

Summer always ends MUCH too quickly for me although I did find myself, for most likely the first time in my life, actually looking forward to cooler weather.  Let’s face it.  It was a LONG! HOT! summer…even for the most sun-loving of us!!  That being said, it was actually a most perfect summer to spend every single day in the pool which is exactly what we did!!  As a mother of 4, I set out to look for a sport that all of the kids could be a part of so that I didn’t run myself ragged trying to get them to 4 different places at the same time.  Well, let’s just say that the swim team was a no brainer, or more specifically, Cleveland Aqua Tigers swim team was a no brainer!!  All 4 of the kids LOVE the water and LOVE to swim AND, it’s the PERFECT family sport!!!!  We won’t talk about the insanely early mornings or the inflated grocery bill because it was a small, teensy weensy price to pay for the great summer we exchanged it for.  I could never say enough good things about our coach(es).  While Coach Frazier pushed and prodded those sleepy little swimmers, it was always with encouragement and BELIEF in every single child at every single level.  How many coaches can you say THAT about?!  Well, just consider this family in deep, both feet first…hook, line and sinker!  We LOVE swim team!!  Just to prove how incredibly awesome it is, I even put together a slideshow of the whole summer…I think you’re gonna enjoy it and MAYBE even be a little jealous that you missed out.  Never fear, however…there’s always next summer!!!

(for the highest quality, change the slideshow to 720p at the bottom right of the window)


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