Love will warm you

Okay!  I know…it’s safe to say that I pretty much NEVER blog anymore, so why the sudden flurry of finger to keyboard?!  It’s simple.  It’s a sunny day, the moons are aligned and…wait for it…I flat out miss it!  It started out innocently enough.  I sat down to clean up my desktop and get caught up on some drudgery office work, you know, the not creative kind…when there it was.  The squirrel.  Somehow, a duplicate client slideshow had been left on my desktop.  Of course, I stopped to watched it…beginning to end…the whole thing…!  And then it hit me.  The burning desire to create.  Today, I choose to satisfy that craving.  Cobwebs are thick here on my cyper paper and my fingers are stiff from lack of practice, but it feels good to find myself back home, no matter the time away.  Maybe the next post won’t come along for another 2 years…maybe 2 days!  I live on the edge, people, and no two days are ever the same around here.  Another time, I’ll take a moment to catch my written life up to what has been lived.  Suffice it to say, it’s been full and it’s been blessed.  On that note, here is the nugget I found today from (deep breath) 2 years ago.  Yes…although silent, my camera and I continue to carry the torch!  A sweet couple looking to capture a bit of a fairy tale scene tucked romantically away in a remote rurual setting for their one year anniversary.  I don’t mind if I do…!  Meet Luke and Adrianna…on a truly cold day, braved for the sake of the camera, with only their love to warm them…

Don’t forget to check out their slideshow here!






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