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    YUP! I'm a mom and I'm totin' my camera and I'm PROUD of it!! After years of creating and learning and recreating and getting ahead of technology so I could create, learn and create some more, I found myself ready to branch out into a business where I could share my creativity with others. Just consider me obsessed...a passionate creative who is completely obsessed with the notion that beauty is alive and I have only to peek through my lens to see it...everywhere and in everyone!!
    I hope to see you here often as I do my best to post new content weekly or more!! You won't want to miss the new categories I have planned such as photography tips for hip moms (you're a hip mom whether you know it or not!) and local small business features. Lots of new plans are in the mix and you won't want to miss a single post!
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Engagement and wedding

Love will warm you

Okay!  I know…it’s safe to say that I pretty much NEVER blog anymore, so why the sudden flurry of finger to keyboard?!  It’s simple.  It’s a sunny day, the moons are aligned and…wait for it…I flat out miss it!  It started out innocently enough.  I sat down to clean up my desktop and get caught up […]

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An Unlikely Day…

When I found out I was going to be shooting a wedding on December 31st, I was sure there would be plenty of “unlikelies” such as warm weather and perfect lighting.   BUT, when all the listed unlikelies just completely melted away and dripped off the list and all the stars aligned perfectly and the sun […]

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It’s a love thing….

Who doesn’t enjoy being around a couple in love…especially in its young love days!!!  *sigh*  Well, I had a fantabulous time doing an engagement session with Tim and Kami on THE only day this week that it hasn’t rained!!!  Never mind all the broken bottles, cut feet (shudder), well used couch cushions, gawking tenants and […]

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memories that last

I always wondered what I would have done had my wedding photos not turned out the way I wanted.  After all, it is intended to be a one time occurrence!  Gives me evil goosebumps just thinking about the prospect of that disappointment!  So we can all groan together when I say that Elijah and Lindsey […]

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Storybook love

Read about this couple’s love from cover to cover and you’ll look up with a warm heart and goose bumps to boot!  …then grab a fresh cup of coffee before jumping into the sequel that will hold you captive right off with their storybook wedding! That’s how I felt the entire day…like a photographer journaling […]

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