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Two plus Two makes Four!!

What photographer isn’t up for an adventure; that’s a silly question!!  The real question is…what mommy, pregnant with twins, IS up for an adventure, lol?!!

When Bethani called about a week ago looking for a maternity session, I could tell right away that we were a great match for each other.  We just had one problem…my studio was under construction and we DESPERATELY needed a studio!  We knew we could work something out, but I never dreamed that this mommy – to – be would suggest an outdoor location for our session!!  Adventurous seems to be an understatement!  Oh, and I forgot to mention that she’s carrying twins on TOP of being adventurous!  Not to be outdone, daddy – to – be is a forestry fire fighter and a guide on the Ocoee River!!  Those babies are in for a great life!!  As promised, here is a sneak peak at the fantabulous session we had on Saturday!

IMG_6117 bw

IMG_6238 tight view sepia tone

IMG_6232 overlay

Bethani, you are one of the most beautiful pregnant ladies I have ever had the priviledge of photographing…I look forward to sharing the rest of your gallery with you soon!!!

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Sugar and spice and all things nice…

What better time for a special photo session than a 6 yr. birthday!!  I was contacted several weeks ago by Kaylee’s Grandma and asked to do a session just for Kaylee!  By the time we finally met up yesterday, we felt like old friends we had talked so much!  Although we wondered at first if we should have brought our galoshes, we made it through the entire morning without a drop of rain and WITH MUCH adventure!!!!  Kaylee was such a trooper and smiled even through the torture of wet grass, dirty railroads and rusty train perches, lol!  Even without the photos, I’m sure it all made a lasting impression on her pink and polished innermost girliness!  Here are just a FEW of my favorites since I could easily post the entire gallery as my favs, lol…

IMG_5615 bw

The title says it all…sugar and spice and ALL things nice!!  Thank you Kaylee and Nicole for such a rewarding morning!  Your gallery is soon to come!

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Nicole - July 7, 2009 - 8:22 pm

Thank you so much, We love everything we have seen so far. You are such a professional, and made Kaylee feel very at ease. You certainly have a wonderful way with children. BIG Thanks for going to the trouble of finding the railroad tracks, and incorperating Kaylee’s special stuffed friends….Feller and Solemn.

Jan Egelston - July 9, 2009 - 10:10 pm

Kaylee is truly a Sugar and Spice little girl. What a sweet smile she has. The photos are all so good that I would like to see the complete portfolio! Thank you for sharing another great photo sessions with us. It is always fun to see all the ideas you come up with for backdrops! 🙂

Baby Custer

There are some children that are determined to make their mark on this world from the moment they are born and I believe this little guy is one of those special g0-getters!  Although we would have loved some sleepy photos, baby Custer had quite the opposite agenda, while still turning in a wonderfully unique performance for his first photo session!


From the moment I walked through the door, to the final wave goodbye, I felt the magic in this family that only a newborn baby can bring to a truly happy couple.  Congratulations to mom and dad for a beautiful addition that will only become more precious to you as the years go by…

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Jan Egelston - July 6, 2009 - 12:37 am

These are lovely photos. Such an attractive family. How I wish we could have had photo’s like this when our children were babies.

A Trip to the Shore…

Having lived in Pensacola, FL for about 9 years, beaches have not been our pick for vacationing (and our children are too young to care where we go as long as the trip can be made in about 2 movies or less, lol).  After MUCH prompting and promoting on our good friend’s part, we decided to take a quick 4 day trip to Hilton Head.  It was one of the best decisions we’ve made all year!  As soon as we got settled into our place, we set out for the beach…it was so exhilarating to hear the squeals of the children as they danced in and out of the water in the sunset.  I felt so very small in the most wonderful of ways next to that vast span of ocean and realized it had been way too long since our last visit to the beach!  I did learn ONE very important lesson on this trip too…photos are a MUST as soon as we arrive the very first night for you see, ALL of us are in good spirits and there are as yet, NO BURNED cheeks!  I took alot of these photos from the back of the kids because attitudes were low (due to our imminent departure later in the afternoon) and cheeks were red!

blog board

Ian bw

IMG_3915 bw soft

I hope to post a few more fun pics a bit later…but forward and onward for now!

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Jan Egelston - July 6, 2009 - 12:41 am

These are beautiful photos of the children Laura. In spite of the attitudes you mentioned you did quite well. You will have wonderful memories with all these great pictures.

Almost baby!

Sometimes, the best laid plans just won’t fall into place no matter how hard you try!  I believe that mommy – to – be, April, was one of my best “plan ahead” clients to date, so imagine my devastation when I had to cancel our session at the last minute.  She was so gracious to allow another week to go by before we actually got the chance to go ahead with the maternity session…which in maternity days would seem much, mUch longer!!!  Although he gave his parents a bit of a scare the night before the session, baby Jack was kind enough to hide away in his safe haven for just a bit longer!  Here are just a few photos from our fun evening…

IMG_4552 b
IMG_4704 b

Well then, I can’t forget to mention that Baby Jack’s Aunt and Uncle came along for the fun too, so here’s a few for them as well!

IMG_4599 b

I know for a fact that baby Jack is being welcomed by 2 wonderful parents (and a very excited aunt and uncle) that every baby should be blessed to have.  Thank you, April and Nathan, for allowing me to be a part of your miracle for one special evening; you are both going to make incredible parents!

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