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Cousins and kids

Despite the nature of my trip to Missouri last week, there were several highlights along the way, one being the opportunity to see my cousin Hannah and her wonderful family!  Her and her husband are missionaries to the Dominican Republic and their visits to the States are rare, never mind the fact that I live nowhere near enough to see them when they do come State side!  Oh, the joy that I was FINALLY able to put my arms around Hannah and see her beautiful babies (all FOUR of them) …and yes, it was equally as rewarding to see her husband Luke as well, lol!

I was elated when she asked me to update their family photos…I’ve been itching to get my lens on the two oldest babies for years!  So, as promised, Hannah, here are your few teasers, with many, many more wonderful photos that I can’t wait to share with you!  I pray your health continues to improve throughout the remainder of your stay, and thank you for your wonderful help throughout the session!  You have a VERY wonderful family and I enjoyed every minute with ALL of you!!!

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A few deep thoughts…

Just a week and 3 days ago I found myself wakened by my husband with words that no person is ever prepared to hear:  “Honey, it’s an emergency, your oldest sister has just died.”  In an instant, I experienced a washing of dread from my head to my toes; my mind couldn’t even comprehend that it was true and I responded in complete disbelief.  She was only 41 years old; it was a mistake, I thought, and who was behind this awful trick?  It took me hours to go back to sleep that night as I tried to sort out in my brain the questions that had no answers.

Deidra was 9 years older than I, and while I love ALL of my family members, there was a specialness about Deidra that discouraged all affection, save the love of the family tie that binds.  I felt protective of her while I was a child, frustrated with her while a teen, and sorry for her while an adult.

Deidra was a born-again Christian for which I am eternally grateful, and as I thought about her during the long trip to Missouri, visitation and funeral, I experienced the need to cry from happiness for her as well as from sadness for our loss.  Here was a life that had struggled through many trials, never knowing the peace of a sound mind here on earth as you and I would define it.  …But to think of her now!  I am just in wonder over the excitement she must have felt when she crossed into Heaven and received the PERFECT mind and body that God had prepared and waiting specifically for her!  It brings tears to my eyes to imagine the peace and rest that enveloped her as she entered into Heaven, something she had never experienced even in its imperfection here on earth.

I can love her now, for the first time, with a love I could never express to her while she was here with us; and for the first time, she understands that love…I thank God many times over for allowing me the opportunity to love her as I’ve always wanted.

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Jan Egelston - June 14, 2009 - 11:56 pm

Oh Laura, I wish everyone could read what you have just written concerning our Deidra. It truly sheds light on our deepest feelings as a family. I am profoundly touched by what the Lord has laid on your heart to write, and the healing He has given you through it. We each of us need that healing. Amber’s, I believe, was through the dream she had about Deidra. For me, it was the scripture, “This thing is from me,” and His impression in my mind….”The key you begged for to help her as you raised her and your plea for her victory all these years was to be through Heaven’s Gates.” How blessed is our Lord and how good He is to us. Someday, we will all have a joyful reunion with her in Heaven!!!!!

Hayley Lundien - June 19, 2009 - 8:10 pm

I am sitting here with tears in my eyes not able to control my sobs because I cannot tell you how very much this hits home to me with regards to my step-daughter. Your words were beyond perfect! I am saddened to have lost her as a cousin, but as you stated; grateful she is truely happy now and has no sadness or pain in her life! The world she lived was so different from what any of us would ever be able to comprehend, yet it was the only way she knew how to live….not by choice. She was so very lucky to have all of you as her family, to show her unconditional love and to give her the Christian foundation that she was raised with as a child/teen. I hurt for you and for your family, yet I smile because I know that you will see her again someday!!! I love you bunches and know that you are all in my prayers!!!!!

…and the award goes to…..!!!!!!

All 10 of the finalists pulled in a great number of votes over the past week and I congratulate, once again, ALL of you because in my opinion you were all winners!

For about half of the week all the votes were within 100 of each other, then the top two started to separate themselves from the pack and away they flew, lol!  I had a great time watching all the votes come in and all of you did so well staying within the rules and I thank you for that!  BUT, without further ado, allow me to introduce your winner and runner-up!!!!

*cue drum roll* Runner-up goes to…….Makenna Baker!!!!! 


…and the GRAND PRIZE goes to……..Kennedy Hembree!!!!

IMG_2690 b

Congratulations to both of you!

Thank you to ALL of you who voted and made this contest a wonderful success; without you, there would be no winner!  I hope you will spread the word to other parents that we will be doing this again next year either in late April or early May.   I already have my theme for next year and I’m excited about all the ideas I have twirling around in my head, lol!

I want to throw out another thank you to The Baby Place for hosting the model search sessions.  If you haven’t been in the store lately, I encourage you to do so; you WILL find that special something that you’ve been looking for…and more!  Also, a big thank you to the two families who opened their doors to our 10 finalists for their unique photo sessions.  And finally to our sponsors:  The Baby Place; Arcade Laser Tag; Creative Custom Works; Scents by Michelle and Frakes Photography with prizes valuing $460.00 to the Grand Prize and $320.00 to the runner-up!

I’ve enjoyed our time together and hope you will check back for more exciting promotions and fun times!  I have a very special event coming up for Christmas that all of you parents will want your kids to be a part of, but that news will have to wait just a bit longer!

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Ready, Set, VOTE!!!!

I have to begin by saying congratulations to ALL 10 of the finalists!  No matter the outcome of the voting, in my book you were all winners and my time with each of you was very rewarding!  All of you had something different to offer and I will treasure our adventures together for a long time to come!

As a little something extra, I thought it would be fun to post one photo of each of the finalists here on my blog, but if you haven’t voted yet, you will need to enter through the model search button to cast your vote.  I am relieved that this stage of the search is out of my hands and into all of yours; just remember that voting ends at midnight this Saturday, May 30th!  Good luck to all of you!

Kennedy Hembree


Trevor Carpenter


Shalayna King

IMG_2860 b

Josiah Henderson


Makenna Baker

IMG_3344 b

Madison Smith

IMG_2955 b

Savannah Hicks


Alex King


Haley Cabrera


Dalen Hood


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Almost voting time!!!

I am excited to report that all 10 finalists from the 2009 model search have finished their photo sessions!  I had a BLAST with all 10 and am eagerly choosing 3 photos from each of the sessions to post for voting.  Remember that voting starts at noon on Saturday, May 23 and will continue through May 30!  You are allowed to vote up to 10 times and may vote more than once for the same child.  I’m looking forward to the excitement of voting and wish ALL my finalists the best of luck!  In my book you are all winners!!

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Janelle Daniel - May 24, 2009 - 12:22 am

I LOVE your pictures! I wish you lived closer so I could bring my kids to you for pictures.