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    YUP! I'm a mom and I'm totin' my camera and I'm PROUD of it!! After years of creating and learning and recreating and getting ahead of technology so I could create, learn and create some more, I found myself ready to branch out into a business where I could share my creativity with others. Just consider me obsessed...a passionate creative who is completely obsessed with the notion that beauty is alive and I have only to peek through my lens to see it...everywhere and in everyone!!
    I hope to see you here often as I do my best to post new content weekly or more!! You won't want to miss the new categories I have planned such as photography tips for hip moms (you're a hip mom whether you know it or not!) and local small business features. Lots of new plans are in the mix and you won't want to miss a single post!
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Special Order!

It all started with a call yesterday from a desperate mother…graduation is literally around the corner and her son’s photographer had lost all of the senior photos taken earlier in the year!  I couldn’t imagine the panic that would throw me into if put in that position, but she was as calm and sweet as she could be about it.  Despite the fact that we all were hearing the clock tick, we had a GREAT time!   Thank you Alex (and mom!) for such a wonderful morning!  I had a *plethera* of fun, lol!

IMG_2612 b

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Model Search Itinerary

It has come to my attention that everyone is eager to cast their vote for their favorite finalist right now, lol!  I’m excited that everyone is so eager to vote and am anticipating a wonderful response, but allow me to clear up some of the confusion!

I will not be posting the photos from the model search photo sessions for voting.  Those photos were taken for the judge’s benefit for choosing the 10 finalists.  The 10 finalists are being rewarded with a full photo session (per child) which will be taking place over the next 2 weeks, weather permitting.

When all the sessions are completed I will be choosing one or more photos of each child to post here on my blog and also on my model search page.  (All votes will be cast through the model search page.)  I plan to have all the photos posted between 12 and 5p.m. on May 23rd when voting will begin.  Voting will end at midnight on May 30th, and the grand prize and runner-up will be announced on June 1st at noon!

Again, thank you to ALL who participated and to those who are eager to cast their vote!  I look forward to your response and the excitement of voting!

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And the winners are!!!!!!

First I want to say thank you one more time to all you who participated!  You will never know the agony of choosing only 10 finalists!  Remember that if your child is not a finalist this time, I will still be using these photos for future model needs for the rest of this year and part of the next.

Okay, on to the BIG news!!!!

There are 6 female finalists and 4 male finalists, so we will beign with ladies first!

Kennedy Hembree

Makenna Baker

Haley Cabrera

Shalayna King

Madison Smith

Savannah Hicks

Now for the boys!!!

Dalen Hoop

Trevor Carpenter

Alex King

Josiah Henderson

Congratulations to all of you finalists!  I will be setting up our photo sessions beginning this week and into the following week (weather permitting).  It was truly a joy to work with all of you!  I hope you will all participate in the voting that will be taking place on my site to discover which of these finalists will be declared the winner and the runner-up!  More to come soon!!!

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Nikki and Haley Cabrera - May 12, 2009 - 8:41 am

Haley and I would like to congratulate all of the finalists and thank the judges!!

…And let the fun BEGIN!!

The past two days has been a world wind of fun for both me and the ladies down at The Baby Place!  We had a grand total of 62 cuties turn out for the model search this year and it’s going to be tough to narrow it down to 10 finalists!  Thanks to all of you mothers who dolled up your little ones, braved the nasty weather and participated in the model search; I applaud all of you!

As I mentioned earlier, the 10 finalists will be posted here on my blog on May 11th, so be sure to check back.  Even if your child is not a finalist, I encourage you to stop back by when the voting begins to cast your own vote!  It’s going to be alot of fun and I would love for all of you to be a part of it!

Just to give you a taste of the tough competition, here is one of the photos of our first entrant…K.K!


Good luck to all of you and I’ll see you back here on Monday, May 11th for a peek at the 10 finalists!

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