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    YUP! I'm a mom and I'm totin' my camera and I'm PROUD of it!! After years of creating and learning and recreating and getting ahead of technology so I could create, learn and create some more, I found myself ready to branch out into a business where I could share my creativity with others. Just consider me obsessed...a passionate creative who is completely obsessed with the notion that beauty is alive and I have only to peek through my lens to see it...everywhere and in everyone!!
    I hope to see you here often as I do my best to post new content weekly or more!! You won't want to miss the new categories I have planned such as photography tips for hip moms (you're a hip mom whether you know it or not!) and local small business features. Lots of new plans are in the mix and you won't want to miss a single post!
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Reflective moments

There are times when, as a photographer, I may have to go in search of inspiration; there are times when inspiration hits me square in the face without warning; there are times when inspiration just slowly filters into my heart and grows on me while I sit unknowingly gazing at it.

I chuckle as I think of how inspiration found me this past Saturday night…  Earlier in the day, Brent had picked up a Victorian styled vanity that we had bought for the studio bathroom.  It was up to the two of us to haul, trip, roll and possibly even careen down the hill with this thing, around the house and in through the back door.  Sounds easy enough IF you weigh more than the item you’re carrying and your wingspan roughly matches that of  big foot quite possibly.  As we were about half way down the hill, it struck me that we hadn’t established an emergency word in case of a catastrophic power failure.  Of course, this thought pattern occurred because I was about to have a catastrophic power failure.  As I yelped and fell and giggled and dodged, my mind went down many thoughtful trails such as:  Wow, this could totally be on DIY’s renovation realities show; I wonder if this would be funny to an onlooker or dreadfully frightening and near death looking; I bet Brent thinks I’m a total dork; man that happened fast…I didn’t even have time to warn him; I really hope this doesn’t ruin this thing; oh no, I bet it’s gonna get it muddy!; *silent gasp in my brain* are those PEOPLE on the other side of the lake and did they see that??!!!!   What can you do when you do something completely idiotic and humbling except sit there and laugh at yourself and rub your jaw and hope to high heavens that you have a bruise there the next day to prove the pain you just endured.  As I sat there, I decided to look harder across the lake to see if this event had stopped all motion or caused a stir…I was hoping not…

Instead, this is what I saw…inspiration…it was one of those times when it just slowly filtered into my heart and grew on me while I sat unknowingly gazing at it.  By the time we had the vanity safely in the studio, I was already framing up the scene and calculating the settings in my mind…a few minutes later and from the sun room window these are the reflective moments that stopped me in my tracks.



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melinda nicodemus - March 15, 2011 - 4:03 am

That third picture is better than sliced bread! I adore everything about it!

Laura - March 15, 2011 - 4:11 am

Awww…what a fun thing for you to say! 🙂 For some reason, shooting at night is just so much more fun! Thanks for commenting!

Amber Cooper - March 15, 2011 - 11:44 am

Great job, sister! I really need to look at all your scenery photos so I can order some pictures for my house. Can you collect them somewhere? Love you!

Laura - March 15, 2011 - 3:29 pm

I can surely do that for you, Amber! I was thinking I needed to do the same thing for my own house, lol! I’ll get it set up for you!

Hannah - March 15, 2011 - 3:46 pm

Wow! That really is amazing! Looks like what you might find as a painting, but the amazing thing – it is real! =) Great job!

Who can feed me

A few weeks back, I left on a business trip with the added company of my little four year old, Chloe.  This was partly to give her daddy a break while the older kids were in school and partly to satisfy my needs of continual hugs and kisses during the long 10 hour drive to our destination!  The best part of the whole trip was that we were destined to stay with my parents, who were quite content to spoil both of us…a process which neither Chloe nor I objected to…

So here I am.  The reason for this post.  On one morning in particular, I was being my completely spoiled self that a mother can be only when visiting her own mother, finding it most difficult to open my sleep saturated eyelids to a certain, sweet (howbeit, persistent) little whisper.  Upon the victorious raising of my eyelids, I found my sweet Chloe almost nose to nose with me.  Even a sleep depraved hibernating bear (yes, I AM comparing myself to one) would have had to smile at the site.  She bore the most concerned, soulful gaze that even a nursing kitten couldn’t compete with.  With lashes long, she whispered…

Chloe:  “Mom, are you awake?”

Me:  “No, sweetheart, I’m not”

Chloe:  “Who’s going to wake you?”

Me:  “Nobody”

Chloe:  “Then who’s gonna feed me?”

Me:  “Just get the dry cereal out and eat that for a bit, then I’ll come feed you”

Sweet little thing…I heard a delighted smile (mothers can hear those things, you know) and the quick patter of her whispered trot to the kitchen.  I closed my eyes, comforted that I had just bought myself at least ten more minutes of rest, just as I was hearing the crinkle of the cereal box and the happy munching of my early riser.  Sigh.  Wouldn’t you know it, rather than a peaceful blank chalkboard for my inner eye to observe, scenes of a little girl on the floor of the kitchen with cereal box in hand began to dance their way into the lens of my imaginary camera.  That was it.  Up I popped, suddenly very rested and ready for my day.  Camera in hand, I too found my way into the kitchen…and these are the memories we made together in the early morning light of Mime’s kitchen…

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Honour - March 4, 2011 - 11:14 pm

In some shots she looks so much like her daddy and in some she looks just like you… either way, she’s beautiful! 🙂

Amber Cooper - March 5, 2011 - 12:16 am

Ohhh, so sweet! LOVE these poses, and LOVE your writing abilities.

Hannah - March 5, 2011 - 1:09 am

Love it Laura! I can so relate to this with my little ones. 😉 Maybe you should compile children’s books. Everybody would buy them. =) Thanks for sharing with us!

Cindy Gillespie - March 5, 2011 - 1:58 am

These are so sooo precious!!

Jan Egelston - March 5, 2011 - 2:31 am

Dear Laura,

These are truly wonderful pictures. I have a feeling that General Mills would love to have one of these photos with the caption “Who Can Feed Me?” I am serious. However, as beautiful as the pictures are, the words that flow from the heart of expression reveals the wonderful talent that God has blessed you with. We give HIM the GLORY just as you do! 🙂 May your artistic work always reveal the light of God’s wonderful love.

Amy Bragg - March 5, 2011 - 4:42 pm

I agree with your Mom. You ought to submit these. Too cute!!!!!

Urban cowboy

Okay, so he doesn’t claim to be a cowboy but really, he could fit the title quite nicely!   He’s that all American boy every mother is proud to call her own,  plays a mean football and works hard for his money.  Meet him in a dark alley and your heart just might skip a beat.  But, wait for it….there it is….that twinkle in his eye that never dulls!!  If there’s one thing about James that caught my attention, it’s the personality that is just about to bust through that tale-tale sparkle in his eye.  LOVE it!

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Moving on

I never cease to get excited about senior shoots.  I don’t care if it’s a girl or a guy, every last one of them brings a zing of excitement to the session that only a senior can!  I’m going out on a limb here but I would guess that graduation would have a little something to do with that!  My time with Ben this weekend was no different than the usual excitement…okay, well, maybe a little…his excitement was more contained than most but STILL very much there.  All I had to do was look at his eyes.  They were all smiles and full of future plans.  I love that about seniors!!  So I talked a bit more than usual and I’m pretty sure he listened a bit more than usual and in the end, we had a great time and came away with some great photos.  Here’s a few to prove another senior is on his way to bigger plans!

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Girls Only

She wore flowers in her hair and heels on her shoes; she danced past the shops and whispered to the wind.  It was a completely carefree day!

I never lose that edge of excitement when a client brings along a parent, but when they also haul in an AUNT?!!  Whoa, Nellie!  I know right then and there that there’s going to be some extremely fun girl talk, loads of laughter, and did I mention extra helping hands?  To top it all off (if the start of something can actually “top” it off before it really gets going {and I’m here to say it CAN}) we met up at Avalon Salon and Spa for a hair and make-up do, to get that perfect look!  (Shout out to Aleighsa for an outstanding job)  Really, what girl can’t have a perfect day when she spent it playing dress up?!!  It was a perfect day-beginning to end!

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