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Chris and Kami…love finds a home

Words cannot even begin to describe the unleashed, abandoned, creative and blissful day that I had with Chris and Kami on Saturday!

Although I don’t typically advertise myself as a wedding photographer, there will be those choice few circumstances that I just cannot say no to, simply because it just feels right! THIS is one of those rare circumstances. Kami called me a few weeks back and we hit it off right away (never mind the fact that her sister and I are like kindred spirits!) I knew right away that THIS would be the PERFECT wedding to photograph. HOWEVER, I’m getting ahead of myself…first there are the engagement photos…take a look at what we got this past weekend.  I hope you get even just a taste of the fun we had together last Saturday!

You were both such a delight to photograph!  I am already looking forward to your wedding in May and praying it is the MOST beautiful day EVER!  You both deserve it!

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I have been so blessed lately with the sweetest and most beautiful clients, and Skye was NO exception!  We hit it off instantly back a couple of months ago and I’ve enjoyed talking to Skye (and her mom) ever since!

Once the session finally got underway, it was quite amazing! We traipsed through the field(s) tiptoed through abandoned buildings (the tiptoeing was to prevent us from falling through the rotten floors, lol) waded in freezing cold water, dodged some massive sticker bushes, and read books on a bed in the middle of a field, JUST to name a few things we, ahem, or rather SKYE did! WOW! Needless to say, I was VERY hard put to narrow down what I edited for the sneak peek, so I’m sure I’ll add more here later when I finish the entire gallery…there are just way to many good ones! Thanks Skye for being such a good sport and such a stunning model!  Enjoy your sneak peek!

IMG_0922 layered with overlay desaturated


IMG_0894 desaturated

IMG_0907 desaturated



IMG_0947 desaturated

IMG_0959 desaturated



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Skye Wagnon - November 9, 2009 - 8:13 pm

laura, i just want to thank you so much for the photo shoot. it was so much fun, and i love the pictures you have posted so far. they are WONDERFUL. mom had fun also, lol. every idea that we came up with, ended up working so well. i am looking forward to the final edits of my pictures, and again i want to thank you so much. i am forever grateful. [:

Heaven Sent

I don’t think I have ever looked so forward to a photo session than the session scheduled for this past Sunday.  Ever since this couple’s maternity session in late July (one of my most treasured maternity sessions ever) I have eagerly anticipated their upcoming madonna session that we knew would be happening SOME time in October.  THIS would be my first set of twins to have the privilege of photographing!!!

When the day finally arrived, it was seriously all I could think about!  I just couldn’t wait to meet these precious little girls and give their sweet mommy a big hug!   Never, has there been a more beautiful, calm, self-assured mommy or a more adoring, protective daddy than these.  I considered it a high honor to join them at their house and spend the afternoon making memories for them that they will treasure forever.  Here are a few of the pictures from our afternoon as promised with many, and I do mean many, more to come!


IMG_0794 bw



IMG_0815 as Smart Object-1

IMG_0826 with overlay

IMG_0835 soft color

Thank you so much Bethani for inviting me into your home to share in this special time with you and Andi.  You are both truly blessed with your two little miracles.  I also count it a privilege to have met your parents; they are every bit as wonderful as you are!

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Walk for Life: A New Hope Experience

As most of you know, I have the greatest honor and privilege of being a part of the volunteer staff at The New Hope Pregnancy Clinic as their in-house photographer.  Since coming to New Hope, I feel that I have not WORKED a single minute of it.  The love that extends from the hearts of the payed staff to the volunteer staff and clients alike is remarkable to say the least and warming even to those such as myself who have no lack of love at home!  I LOVE what New Hope stands for in my community and I am PROUD to be a part of it.

This year’s Walk for Life, an annual fundraiser and show of support, was scheduled for a day that loomed dark and foreboding.  The weatherman had NOTHING good to say about the weather.  Imagine for a moment, all the knees that were kneeling that evening and pleading to God to stay the storms the following morning for just a few hours.  As I watched the weather the evening before the walk, my heart just swelled, knowing that this was a great opportunity for God to show Himself to an entire community!  I went to bed at 2 a.m. the night before the walk, just as the lightening was rolling in.  When I woke up around 7:30, all was gray and colorless.  BUT. No rain!

When I arrived at the stadium, although there were heavy clouds, one could almost detect a hint of brightness coming through; almost a cheery hint of sun!  As the morning progressed and the program began, the sun waned in and out while the thick clouds held on…and don’t you know EVERYONE there was praising God for His answer to prayers!

Finally the walk began.  I took several pictures from the starting area, then ran through the line and found other shots that drew my eye.  It wasn’t until I was rounding the last 1/4 mi. stretch that the rain finally let loose, lol!  Can I just say I’ve never had more fun in the rain!!!  I tucked my camera under my shirt and off I ran, smiling the whole way, because I knew that while it was raining now, GOD had performed HIS OWN miracle on a day when PEOPLE were WALKING TO PRESERVE GOD’S MIRACLE OF LIFE.

IMG_8899 with text layer


In the crowd


IMG_8892 bw 20x10













IMG_9060 bw

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Piper is ONE!

Can you believe that my very first infant model to photograph EVER is already one year old?!  Where on earth does the time go and why must babies grow so terribly fast!  Well, it’s one of those facts of life we must all learn to accept, and in the meantime I get to capture the milestones which is always MOST rewarding!

Piper’s parents were so kind to bring their sweet little one to a not so clean and fresh location.  Fortunately for us, even though Piper was not fond of the location, she was very fond of daddy’s singing, enabling us to get some awesome photos!  Happy birthday, Piper!!!

IMG_9232 desaturated

IMG_9256 desat tight view

IMG_9303 desat

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Cindy Gillespie - October 21, 2009 - 10:00 pm

You did a wonderful job, Laura, of capturing the sweet personality of our precious Piper!